October 15, 2017

Bits and Pieces

 Bits and pieces of the past month or so from my phone -  

September 17, 2017

Stockholm's Sights: Gamla Stan (Old Town) and Sveriges Kungahus (Royal Palace)

It's so easy to say that the grass is greener on the other side. 

There's no denying that Sweden, 
with its 202+ years of peace, beautiful Old Town, interior design, gender-equality, multi-lingual and well-dressed (in the "Oh, I just threw this on", unpretentious kind of way) citizens, 
merits its position as the world's 6th best country.

But wait: just edge your finger over your trackpad/mouse a little bit more. Who's the 7th? 

September 3, 2017

Stockholm's Sights: Djurgården

The first full week of school - done! Whether it's having more things to do, waking up to 40*F mornings, or simply the strange, new familiarity from picking things back up where I left them, the school year's officially in full swing, and it feels like I've never left. But regardless of how much work needs to be done, I've been catching myself drifting into memory land: walking up the steps of the Helsinki Cathedral, my morning chats with my paulistano and Mauritian buddies, and of course, looking over the viewpoint at Skansen, Stockholm's open-air museum, and seeing beautiful Stockholm peek out from behind the canopy of the trees (first photo)

August 27, 2017

Summer Squash: French(ish) Ratatouille and a Roasted Italian Vegetable Sandwich

Summer squash, two ways. The first, a Disney-inspired ratatouille that's easier to make than it looks (I promise). The second is an even simpler meatless sandwich that both vegetarians and meat-lovers will like.