June 18, 2017


What I've been loving about writing Sunday Dialogues is that I get to share specific snapshots of how God has been working at different points in my life. Today's the day to give you a bird's-eye view of my walk with Him, including the defining, pivotal turn He helped me take a few years ago.

Before I was born, the three names that my parents considered naming me were: Hannah, Sarah, and Claudia - all Christian names. I mention this fun fact to simply say I was fortunate enough to be born into a Christian home and begin my walk with God, through the teachings of my parents and Sunday School teachers, at a young age.

As a Sunday School teacher now, I sometimes doubt the impact I have on shaping my little students' understanding of God and Jesus, but I always come back to the realization that kids are surprisingly perceptive. Prior to the past two years, my trust in God was last strongest when I was five years old.

June 14, 2017

Photo Journal :: Favorite Photos From Cornell (College Year II)

Some of my favorite photos (DSLR and iPhone) from this past school year:

June 11, 2017

Cornell Nutrition: What I Learned Sophomore Year

Last summer, a good friend and I took the afternoon to catch up, each recapping our freshman experiences and memories, both speculating, excitedly, what sophomore year would bring. Though our studies are very different - engineering and nutrition - we both looked forward to taking upper level classes, ones that are more specific to what we wanted to learn. 

My friend asked me what nutrition students study, what our classes are like. Honestly, I had never considered that question before! I assumed that most people understood how similar our undergraduate path is to that of pre-med/health/vet students. At the same time, I had only known about the dietetics path from an outsider's perspective then: Emory only offered a nutrition minor, and I had only taken one intro nutrition course. I was about to become an insider, a real nutrition major at Cornell, but I had never received dietetics-specific advising nor had I taken any classes offered through an undergraduate DPD!

I've had the privilege to spend my second year of college at Cornell, the birthplace of Nutritional Sciences, and this post serves to briefly introduce the lesser-known dietetics path while sharing my sophomore year experiences, memories, lessons learned, current philosophy, and future aspirations, all in regards to nutrition!

June 7, 2017

Byron Talbott's Steak and Potatoes

My take on Byron Talbott's "Steak and Potatoes" recipe for my brother's birthday (if you missed the birthday cake, take a look at it here!). Wilson loves mushrooms, so I threw in maitake mushrooms from Shibumi Farms into the pan, sauteeing with the residual juices/garlic/rosemary as the steak rested. The farmers working the stand that day recommend them to me, saying that maitakes are "the gateway mushroom".

(Unrelated note - I love talking with farmers and learning more about where my food comes from! Seriously, I can't recommend going to your local farms/farmers' markets enough. Your level of respect for farmers will skyrocket, and you'll appreciate your ingredients by ten-fold.)

We don't really use sour cream in our home, so I used Greek yogurt instead. Couldn't find horseradish either and mixed the yogurt with scallions. I'm no good when it comes to cooking steak; you can tell from the photos that the steak was quite rare ("umm, Hannah, it's a little too rare for me..."). I had to throw some pieces back into the pan for a few seconds ;].

Will, I hope you had a great birthday. Your big sis is so proud of the way you treat everyone with so much kindness. You're more sympathetic than anyone I've ever met, and I admire the way you lead with humility and a level-head. Love you, bud!

June 4, 2017

Momofuku Milkbar's Birthday Cake

My (not-so-little) brother, my best buddy, turned eighteen this past Monday! Historically, he's always requested a red velvet birthday cake from Coldstone's, but he finally got tired of it last year. I've been begging him to let me bake a cake for his birthday, so this year was my year. 

I developed an obsession with Christina Tosi, the genius behind Momofuku Milkbar, a few months ago. I couldn't stop listening to podcast interviews and watching YouTube videos of her baking and talking about her creative process. She was a transfer student, loves math, can eat cereal all day long, and took an unconventional path into the culinary world. It's like we're twins. My dream is to become the mom who can bake like Christina Tosi!

This birthday cake is one of Milkbar's most popular items, and it's also one of the trickier recipes that other recipe/food bloggers have struggled with. As you can tell from my photos, the cake didn't turn out perfectly, but I was still pleased with the results - and more importantly, my brother loved it! I'll definitely be making this again in the future, using the tips that I've picked up from this trial (listed below).