September 8, 2019

Utah Adventures

July 2019 with the best road trip buddy.

September 1, 2019


Do you know Jenny?
If not, I wish you did. She has a heart of gold and emanates a meekness that'll make you understand what "quiet strength" means without any words.

Jenny has been praying for me to maintain a strong backbone and soft heart through this season of transition. As much as I love a spirit of exploration, I cherish stability of roots and the comfort of home. I needed extra support during the weeks before my move and God's answer? A sunrise shoot in and around Princeton's secret gardens with the one and only Nobreza Silenciosa. We frolicked through grass still slick from the night's rain and discovered Anthropologie-esque archways.

We may be far apart in distance and soul age (five and fifty), but never at heart.

August 24, 2019

Carly and Patrick

The more I move around, the more I come to understand just how delicate relationships are. I've learned that respecting fragility, maintaining a soft heart, and treasuring the light in another often means surrendering to God's timeline and setting a relationship free. 

Letting go is a growing pain, a necessary one, but a pain nonetheless. When friendships come and go, the ones that stay become especially meaningful. 

Carly and I met in the first grade, some sixteen years ago, and we've continued to walk through life together, no matter the thousands of miles that have physically separated us for the last nine years. Last July, Carly graciously welcomed me into her beautiful state of Utah and our seven days were filled with nonstop chatter - I'm talking about hours of laughter during our road trip down to Southern Utah and around her kitchen counter. There was too much to catch up about; some things can't ever be adequately explained or effectively communicated over devices.

One evening, Carly, Patrick, and I hiked up to Little Cottonwood Canyon to see the wildflowers that were just about to bloom. Did I mention they're about to tie the knot!? Here's to my dear best friend and her wonderful fiancĂ©. 

P.S. Anyone looking for unique, custom-made, luxury rings can look no further than Patrick Adair Designs.  

August 18, 2019

The Mediterranean Diet: A Food Tour of Athens

"Borei na travixo ti fotografia sas?" 
Greek food is more than the gyros, moussaka, and yogurt it's known for - once you align your expectations with the term "Mediterranean Diet," images of fresh seafood, produce, and cheeses come to mind. After some research (YouTube is the best!), we arrived expecting Greek coffee, koulouri, and pies, too.

August 11, 2019

The Streets of Athens

Graffiti, ancient relics, and leafy greens (not the kind you eat) are all key to creating the Athenian street scene. Athens boasts a million and one things to see and do, but nothing is as authentic as tasting the local flavor by wandering on foot. If you get lost, look up - like Cornell's McGraw Tower or the North Star, the nearly always visible Parthenon is your compass. So take it slow for an hour or two each day you're in Athens, and meander through the countless squares. My favorite neighborhood? Anafiotika, the hidden village under the Acropolis. There's a cute little souvenir shop featuring contemporary Greek designs called Forget Me Not. You'll be glad you stopped in, but if you can't, check out their website!