August 12, 2018

New York Minute

Sunday morning, en route to Sarabeth's Central Park South.

One day. 
An apartment on the upper east side, near the hospitals - one of which I'll be working at, with pediatric and immigrant populations. The credentials of a registered dietitian and Spanish medical interpreter. Lazy Saturday mornings spent in Central Park, after stopping by a greenmarket. A corgi and an Australian/German shepherd mix I've adopted (it'll all be just for a few years, because the dogs need more space). The peak of day spent lounging at a restaurant with outdoor seating, the perfect spot to fabricate intricate narratives of the people you watch. Running around the city, taking photos of strangers, because there are too many personalities to pass by. Sunset runs over a bridge. Somehow, I'll still end up in bed by midnight...
One day!

Last year's version of this photo here
Washington Square Park
Wouldn't have known he has an extremely cool Australian accent if I hadn't asked to take his photo.
Larry the birdman
View from the Whitney Museum 
The Highline
Farm Couple, Edward Ruscha. (My favorite)
Some of the Greatest Hits of the New York City Police Department: A Celebration of Meritorious Achievement in Community Service 
(Carl Pope 1994)

"In this installation, Carl Pope addresses the history of police brutality in New York between 1949 and 1994. Awarded a Guggenheim Fellowship in 1993, Pope began looking into the New York Police Department's records of violent interaction with Black and Brown residents. Each trophy or plaque in this work memorializes a different event. The inscriptions, which include the names of the people who were killed or brutalized as well as the officers who committed the acts, were written by the artist. Pope purchased the trophies from businesses that make them specifically for law-enforcement use, thus overlaying the histories of both police violence and the trophy industry..." 
-Whitney Museum of American Art
"You can post this to Instagram and this will be your most popular photo. You're welcome!"
Roberto Monticello, the mayor of meatpacking, writer, director, and a wonderfully friendly man. Connect with him here.
"Would you like to be upgraded to the 35th floor with a view, free of charge?"
View from the Intercontinental New York Times Square (Mom has mad skills when it comes to collecting credit card points). 
"These two are girls and this one's a boy. I have another boy and girl at home."
H: I'm trying to convince my mom to get just one!
"Get two! It's much healthier for them and they take care of each other. Get two!"
Saturday 10:30 pm, post Jersey Boys, at Blockheads (World Wide Plaza). 
Chasing the morning sunrise, courtesy of an accidental 5:00 am wake up call. 
New York City, USA. August 2018.
Stockholm, Sweden. August 2017 here
Mom's belated birthday gift, Sarabeth's Central Park South. The coffee was 2nd best to what Schwerin had to offer!
The most central of all.
What's in my bag. 
Hey, Rexy!
You don't need to stick around me for very long to discover my fascination with World War II, dinosaurs, and astronomy.
American Museum of Natural History.

I didn't realize how much I missed working in the city until my mom and I spent last weekend there! Thanks for the fun, Mom. 

Side note: Mom's good at traveling on a budget - free night at a hotel (in the middle of Times Square on the second highest floor, no less!), discounted orchestra seat tickets to Jersey Boys (TKTS stand in Times Square), free admission to the Whitney Museum and AMNH (BoA employee perks), and a daughter who picks up the checks, hah!
Yup, she's got skills. 

Photos taken on an iPhone, Nikon d5200 + kit lens + 35 mm, f 1.8 lens.

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  1. Hannah, what a great time we have in the city. Let's make this an anuual event!