August 5, 2018

S'mores Mousse Cups

This isn't so bad for you, I promise! It's important to go all out and enjoy treats as they are, but I've found myself gravitating towards this healthy-ish version, too. It's just that good. 

Anyone with dietary restrictions can easily manipulate this recipe. The mousse itself is chia-based, so it's vegan and extremely easy to make; we can all thank Tieghan for that. If you don't eat dairy or animal products, choose dairy-free chocolate chips and vegan marshmallows. If you eat gluten-free, you're bound to find GF graham crackers at the store these days. 
Just as messy as regular s'mores, a telltale sign of a good dessert.

S'mores Pudding Cups

1 batch of pre-made 6 ingredient Vegan Chocolate Chia Mousse, recipe here
2 cups of chocolate chips*, melted
2 cups of marshmallows
6 graham crackers, crushed
6 muffin liners (a muffin tin helps, too!)

Line a muffin tin (if available) with the muffin liners. Use a spoon to generously smear chocolate along the sides and bottom of each liner; the thicker the chocolate is, the easier it will be to peel off the liners later. Put the muffin liners with chocolate in the freezer for 30 minutes to harden.

Peel off the liners once the chocolate has completely hardened. Fill each chocolate cup with your chocolate mousse. Melt your marshmallows in a double boiler** and spoon into a piping bag. Swirl the marshmallow cream over the chocolate mousse. Top with crushed graham crackers.

*I find Guittard to be a great option for chocolate - their products are within a reasonable price and they source their ingredients responsibly.
**People tell me to never microwave marshmallows, but I do it anyways and have never had an issue.

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