August 6, 2017

A Summer At Home || new jersey photo journal

A summer at home in a nutshell.
Gil and Bert's with Rutvi - I have the most life-giving and meaningful conversations with this cutie!

More from Princeton's Memorial Day Parade photos here.
Small World Coffee
Farmers Market Saturdays
The greatest conductor and music teacher of all time

Donuts with Nikki

More photos from the beach here.
Princeton Reunions 2017
Baldpate Mountain with Rutvi
More photos from Mt. Tammany here
Morning runs through Mercer (accelerating to avoid embarrassment when I pass by the US Olympic Rowing Team)
Watching Paddle for Pink races (from secret spots) at Mercer Lake with my mom
Weekly library runs after work
My favorite book I read
Sunset bike ride to our old schools

Howell Living Farm

Farms, especially ones with horses, make me so happy.
They remind me of the stable I volunteered at in high school - that was the special time I looked forward to each week...
They were a relief during my angsty, confused teenaged days, hah!
I didn't tell them to do this.
Solebury Orchards (technically in PA)
Peddler's Village - Giggleberry Fair
Okay, maybe not a "nutshell".
Thanks for sticking to the end!

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