June 28, 2017

Seaside Sunset (Avon by the Sea, NJ)

Historically speaking, I'm not the most spontaneous person you'll meet - I'm a planner. Over the past year, I've learned to set aside spare time to allow for spontaneity, but having a flexible schedule right now makes accommodating for last minute plans even easier!

My mom dropped the idea of going to the beach last Saturday, a 90-some degree day. I'm the last person to recommend the Jersey shore, but the beach is still the beach, and her idea resonated very well amidst the heat. Not being as anal and scheduled as I used to be made the freedom to say "let's do it!" even more enjoyable.

The drive out just to escape the muggy evening for a few hours did us all some good, and I had a blast running up and down the beach, taking photos. The editing styles of these photos are all over the place, but bear with me - I'm still experimenting with new apps as I figure out what my style is! If you have any recommendations or tips, I'm all ears.

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