August 2, 2017

For Your Ears || music and podcast recommendations

I'm sharing some of my recommendations for music and podcasts to listen to today! If you missed them, you can find last week's reading and video recommendations here.

Music to listen to:

Coffee Shop Corners: the perfect playlist to read to
No Words Needed: an eclectic mix of instrumentals, Chopin (my favorite!), and orchestral music
Sonidos en Espanol: you don’t have to know Spanish to love these songs
Still Strength: for when you need to be picked up (there’s a moment like that everyday, isn’t there?)

Podcasts to listen to:

I particularly like the episodes where they interview some of my favorite Food Network stars:

You may have to be a true AB/Good Eats fan to understand some of his jokes and references.


Some friends from Earhoox reached out to me a few weeks ago and sent me products to try out. Earhoox, which originally started as an indiegogo campaign,  are silicone attachments specifically designed for those uncomfortable Apple EarPods and AirPods that never fit in my ears. The hook acts as an anchor to stabilize the earphone in your ear, while the silicone surrounding the head of the earphone acts as a cushion.

Quite frankly, I prefer the sound quality of my tried-and-true Panasonic earbuds over the Apple EarPods that came with my phone. However, because I use my earbuds so frequently, I like having a spare pair in case they break and I need something to tie me over until a new order arrives. These Earhoox will make my EarPods functional, and they really do help the EarPods stay in my ears!

The Amazon reviews don’t lie; Earhoox works, it’s just a matter of whether or not you think your Ear/AirPods are worth it. For those who don't feel like purchasing a wireless for the new iPhones that lack an earphone jack, Earhoox may be cost-effective route to go.

Each pack comes with two sizes, and remember that the hook goes on the top. My “artistic” vision of taking photos in the woods didn’t work very well. I realized I had attached the Earhoox incorrectly but was being bitten alive by mosquitos...I had to run out before fixing the Earhoox and shooting a second set. Real life. Embarrassing Hannah.

Had to take a new set once I got back to the house:
This is how they should be attached!

Thank you, to Earhoox, for giving me a chance to try these products out! This blogpost was not sponsored.


  1. There's a chance you are eligible to receive a Apple iPhone 7.