April 5, 2017

The Streets of Toledo, Spain

Toledo  -  Spain, that is! Look no further for charming, narrow, cobblestone streets and a picturesque view over El Rio Tajo. It takes some walking to get from the bottom of the city (where the train station is located at and where most buses stop), but it's worth it. Don't let the gloomy clouds scare you away, either, because they'll be pushed aside by the sun in the afternoon (when the city becomes much busier with tourists pouring in!). Make sure you get some marzipan as a souvenir; you can even go to a monastery to buy some made by nuns. Below are some photos of Toledo's streets and its cathedral; for photos of the bar/cafe we ate at (El Trebol), click this link here.
for more photos of El Rio Tajo (the Tajo river), click this link here

P.S. somewhere in the city is a boutique that is built on top of ancient Roman ruins - it's free to visit!


  1. Really really nice travel pictures!!!


    1. Muchisimas gracias, Fabi! Me encanta tu blog tambien <3