March 26, 2017

El Trebol (Toledo, Spain)

The day we visited Toledo was freeeezing! We had hoped that a stop for lunch at El Trebol, a trendy bar by the town square, would warm us up, but little did we know, the bar wasn't heated at all ;) My parents ordered lattes to warm themselves up, and I warmed my spirit with a photoshoot.

Note: If you're thinking about going to El Trebol yourself, keep in mind that it's a very hectic place with employees who speak almost no English at all (they're also always in a rush, making their Spanish even faster and less comprehensible!). You can sit down and eat upstairs (limited hours), or order from the bar. There was one bartender who befriended me amidst the hustle and bustle of the rush, and to this day, I'm still so grateful for his kindness!

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