January 22, 2017

El Río Tajo

Can you believe that view? Is it Ireland? England?

We took a day trip out to Toledo, which is about 1 hour south of Madrid by bus (30 minutes if you take the high speed train). It was frigid out, and we were shivering as we walked around the city with our tour guide. The tour ended by El Greco's museum (El Museo del Greco), not too far from this view. Behind me was a park - the ground was completely covered by sand, bare trees stood in a line on the left side, leading up to a playground. What's more important, though, is what's in front of me: el río Tajo (Tajo river), which divides parts of the city from each other. 

If you're ever in Toledo, come to this spot, "Mirador del Paseo del Tránsito", for a beautiful view. 
There's another spot across the river that has a great view of Toledo's Alcázar, called "Mirador del Valle"; that's for next time.

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