March 22, 2017

A Snow Day at Cornell

I've had six exams over the past week and a half, but you know what made it all okay? A blizzard that gave Cornell it's first snow day since 1993.
We were very lucky to have so many people taking care of us; some dining staff members actually stayed overnight after the dinner shift so that they'd be available to cover for their coworkers during the breakfast and lunch shifts. The breakfast shift staff who were able to make it told me that they were shaking the entire time as they were driving, which is saying a lot given that Ithaca's so used to snow. I started my photojournalism project, Food For Thought, because I wanted to encourage others to not take their food for granted. I didn't realize myself how I take the dining services on campus for granted! If dining had been closed, we wouldn't have been able to eat! 

Moody photos aren't really my style, but I've been trying new editing styles, and I did like how these turned out - thanks VSCO. 
This was truly a sight - skis, snowboards, sleds (traditional plastic ones and makeshift cardboard sleds), snowball fights...all on the slope. 

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