September 2, 2018

SUMMER IN MY KITCHEN 2018 | a photo journal

Things I've cooked and baked that won't quite make it to having their own recipe post:

Ferrero Rocher and fudge rippled ice cream (mixed into vanilla ice cream, a nod to my ice cream store days), vanilla cake, espresso buttercream, and candied hazelnuts. The messy appearance is thanks to my poor cake decorating skills and a hot kitchen melting the ice cream!
Raspberry lemon pancakes with coconut yogurt (inside the batter, too)
Retirement cake for my favorite conductor: vanilla cake with strawberry buttercream and toasted pistachios
Mom's birthday cake: pistachio cake with a fresh whipped cream, strawberries, and toasted pistachios
Pistachio cake truffles for Summer's birthday: saved the cake scraps to make cake truffles for my fellow intern's birthday! The research department is where the fun's at.
Sparkling mint lemonade (Bible study with my communion bread ladies ;-))
Nicoise toast, inspired by a Bon Appetit magazine recipe
Crepes, three ways
A late mother's day gift: egg custard tarts
See-you-soon with my friend who's heading across the pond (Not in my kitchen, but Terra Momo Bread's!)
Countless s'more's, feat. a plant pot fire pit (look it up, it works!)
New camera lens experiments: a spin on "bulletproof" coffee,, another research department topic of discussion. For the record, I don't recommend the ketogenic diet for most healthy people, but coffee with chocolate sure tastes good. 
English muffins
Herbed cauliflower rice pilaf with toasted hazelnuts and dried cranberries
Versunken Apfelkuchen for Jess's birthday (recipe from Classic German Baking)

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