June 7, 2017

Byron Talbott's Steak and Potatoes

My take on Byron Talbott's "Steak and Potatoes" recipe for my brother's birthday (if you missed the birthday cake, take a look at it here!). Wilson loves mushrooms, so I threw in maitake mushrooms from Shibumi Farms into the pan, sauteeing with the residual juices/garlic/rosemary as the steak rested. The farmers working the stand that day recommend them to me, saying that maitakes are "the gateway mushroom".

(Unrelated note - I love talking with farmers and learning more about where my food comes from! Seriously, I can't recommend going to your local farms/farmers' markets enough. Your level of respect for farmers will skyrocket, and you'll appreciate your ingredients by ten-fold.)

We don't really use sour cream in our home, so I used Greek yogurt instead. Couldn't find horseradish either and mixed the yogurt with scallions. I'm no good when it comes to cooking steak; you can tell from the photos that the steak was quite rare ("umm, Hannah, it's a little too rare for me..."). I had to throw some pieces back into the pan for a few seconds ;].

Will, I hope you had a great birthday. Your big sis is so proud of the way you treat everyone with so much kindness. You're more sympathetic than anyone I've ever met, and I admire the way you lead with humility and a level-head. Love you, bud!

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