February 19, 2017

No Knead, Dutch Oven Bread

Though I love making homemade bread, it can easily go stale in a few days. Freezing immediately after cooling and later toasting to reheat is one solution, but this bread doesn't go stale! It stays soft and chewy, and best of all, it's a great recipe for beginners. No kneading, just a longer proofing time! 

Word to the wise - I used a glass Corning pot (that was oven safe), but I decided to cool the lid of the pot quickly by setting it in the sink and running cold water over it...there was a pop, and suddenly, I was looking at large, brown glass shards. Fortunately, I was unscathed, but I'd definitely recommend using a heavier duty Dutch oven and allowing all parts to cool slowly at room temperature. 

Why did I choose to use the glass pot? Short answer, I don't have a Dutch oven (I don't have that glass Corning pot anymore, either). If you don't have Dutch oven like me (which acts to trap steam, which contributes to the rising of the dough and formation of the crust), you can try the baking method that Chef Jon uses in his French baguette recipe. I've made his French baguettes a few times, and the method works really well. I'll be trying it out with this recipe next time ;)

Get the recipe here, and serve the bread with homemade Mixed Berry Chia Seed Jam!

(I omitted the cinnamon, walnuts, and raisins, and used 100% White Whole Wheat instead of regular Whole Wheat). 

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