April 19, 2016

Ponce City Market (Photo Journal)

This week has been nothing but shy of kind to me, and I certainly have not responded with patience. But rather than pouring out my grievances, I think I'll let the photos do the speaking. 

I was able to catch a few breaks this weekend, and one of my college best friends and I ventured off to Ponce City Market and The Beltline for a bit. Ponce City Market is definitely one of the coolest places I've been to --- it used to be a factory, and has now been transformed into an awesome shopping/dining area that's reminiscent of Chelsea Market/Krog Street Market. There's plenty of places to take photos at, and you'll see a lifetime's worth of dogs around!

If The Beltline sounds familiar, it's because I walked a bit of it just a few weeks ago during my visit to Krog Street Market. Who knew Atlanta was the real trendsetter, and NYC was just the popular kid who made the underground, hipster thing "popular"? ;)

 We spent quite some time taking photos in the store "Citizen Supply". This store is definitely one of my favorites; it reminds me of Krog Street's "The Merchant" -- there's something for everyone and it's very unique and full of local treasures. 

 You bet it is. 

(Photos from my first baseball game - a Brave's game - to come in the near future!)

Kristin has an eye for backgrounds -- this photo was taken in front of a bathroom!

Top: H&M, Skirt: Abercrombie, Shoes: American Eagle, Necklace: F21, Belt: F21, Bag: Etsy

 Fun fact: this isn't a photo of a photo! This little frame is actually a window from a mini outdoor photo gallery on The Beltline!

(towards Jesus.)

All photos were taken using a Canon t3i. 

I intentionally left the usual Nikon d60 at home since my school rents out Canons; while I love the quality and video recording capabilities on the Canon, I dislike the fact that you constantly constantly constantly have to manually focus the Canon (this makes snapping spontaneous moments very unlikely, and it's an inconvenience when you ask someone else to take your photo for you!).

xoxo, han

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