March 27, 2016

Krog Street Market (Photo Journal)

Had the pleasure of wandering through Krog Street Market, aka Atlanta's version of NYC's Chelsea Market, recently. Krog Street is located right on the Atlanta Beltline and near The Irwin Street Market, so the photos are mixed. All were taken using an iPhone 5s!:

The Beltline is basically the less famous predecessor of New York City's Highline ;) You'll find wonderful artwork and run into many bikers/joggers.

Dress: Urban Outfitters, Cardigan: mom's closet, Boots: BCBG (Urban Outfitters)

Take your souvenirs and home decor to the next level by coming to The Merchant. It's as upscale and as aesthetically pleasing as Anthropologie with a Southern twist. (FYI: the store at Krog Street is their second; the original is located on Howell Mill).


If you've read my post about The General Muir, you'll be excited to know that "Yalla!" and "Fred's Meat and Bread" are brought to you by the same restaurateurs and chef!

Free water at Krog Street

Apparently the baker at "Little Tart Bakeshop" was nominated for a James Beard Award -- as was The General Muir's chef!

I'll introduce XOCOLATL in greater detail in a future post, but all you have to know now, is that you haven't tasted real chocolate until you've tasted XOCOLATL's

Jeni's is a famous ice cream store (I refrain from saying "parlor" because Jeni's doesn't lend that traditional, old-school vibe -- it's more inventive and hipster) that specializes in unique flavors. I got the pear riesling sorbet in a freshly made waffle cone (still hot):Jeni's is more of a franchise (that sources and uses wholesome, ethical ingredients), so you might be able to find one near you!

Eating the sorbet was like biting into a real pear -- one that's perfectly ripe, that is. It was light and not cloyingly sweet.

xoxo, han

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