August 9, 2015

NYC Parks : Washington Square & Central Parks

I've only been to this part of New York City once --- during the cold month of March, so this time, I was able to see it alive with all of its colors, people, and music, and I finally understand why so many people love NYU & Greenwich Village. We saw bubbles, flowers, dogs, live musical performances, people playing chess, social/political messages written in chalk. It was great.

dancing to live music.
 then we were off to Central Park.

Night at the Museum is one of my favorite movies, and passing by the museum made me even more excited to watch the third movie in the series ;)
these little lanterns will always be something that my brother & I hold close to our hearts
 Central Park is more than just trees and paths. There are large rocks to climb up and castles to visit.
Sunglasses: Fossil (but got them at TJ Max)
Bag: Etsy
Shirt: Gap (got it for $6 on sale)
Shorts: American Eagle (my favorite pair of shorts)
Shoes: Old Navy
The weather was perfect --- it wasn't too hot, it wasn't too humid, and there was a comfortable breeze. There were people everywhere, sprawled out across the fairway-like lawns on blankets.  People sat around listening to a bassist playing along to soundtracks. 
Pumpkin Cashew Quiche at Peace Food Cafe
(kabocha squash, kale, cashew cheese....all vegan & gluten-free & delicious)

I might do a restaurant review on this place, but let's just say that even my brother, the T-rex of all T-rexes (the carnivore) loved the food.

xoxo, han

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