June 11, 2014

Piano Sheet Music & Tutorial: Kurt Hugo Schneider's Cover of Imagine Dragon's "Demons"

I tried, okay? :)
Haha, please excuse the lack of a time signature and the senseless notation (in terms of rhythm) but I promise all of the notes are there for all you visual learners! To be honest though, I think my video is much more helpful, so watch that too ;D

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Sheet Music:


  1. Thanks for the video and the sheet music.I think the big hands are a plus ;) Thanks again for the sheet music :D

  2. It' s cool :) but can you tell me the sheet when " when u feel my heat... " okay ? I feel it quiet different from the song, just wonderful if u tell me that thank you

  3. I love it! Thank you for this. Do you also have the notes for the chorus part as well?