“People are like animals. Some are happiest penned in, some need to roam free. You go to recognize what's in her nature and accept it.” 
― Jeannette WallsHalf Broke Horses

Food for Thought:
The Human Relationship With Food
Nine Eleven From A Three Year Old's Perspective
Eating Healthy -- What Does it Mean?
Movie Review: Food, Inc
Pray for Paris || On Religious Extremism
Education "Reform"

Daily Reflections & Experiences:
The Opposite of Senioritis -  First Day of Senior Year
Don't Back Down --- Be Proud of Who You Are
Responsibility is Not Fun
Dinner In A Rush
16 Years 364 Days
reality check
the pleasure of having no purpose
here i am
an adage to live by
split at the root (well not really, but kinda)
a world of october
Despana, Nutella, and Technology
not halloween scary...but scary
Loving Lately (Oct. 2014)
Books That Have Changed Me
Appreciate Yourself So You Can Appreciate Others
Rainy Day OOTD and Chipotle Adventure
Everything...Has Changed
I'm Grateful for...
Hot Cocoa & An Eskimo
Torn Apart
Journey to the Center of My Worries
Value & Worth
deck the halls
My Favorite Workout Videos
Snow Day Sick Day
Fatal Flaws
50 Random Facts about Me
Pizza Pizza Pizza Pizza....and some green juice
Freak Snow Storm
Gluten-Free Scavenger Hunt at Wegman's
Dear Mom...
Weekend in Review
Bar Cocoa Macarons
The Health Benefits of Oatmeal
Party Like Gatsby
Living Freely
Dear High School Seniors...
Four for Four
Class of 2015
(not) A Casual Day
Food Truck Festival
Red Lip Classic (and some White & Blue) || 20,000+ Views!!
Summer Livin'
Feeling Infinite
Summer Senses
Tortuga's Once Again
Peach Festival (Terhune Orchards, NJ)
To the Lakes
Donut Talk
Week in Review (August 17th - 21st, 2015)
Chasing Sunsets
Summer Recap
Growing Pains
One Week Later
Cookies and Chemistry
Sleepaway Camp vs. Homework Prison
The Eye of the Tornado
A Crazy Week in Photos
On Being Seventeen...
What College Has Been Like
Tunnel Vision || Fall Fest Photos
Brunch for Dinner || Cooking for the First Time in Six Weeks
Southern Autumns
Introducing "College Eats"
Arts Festival
Halloween Adventures
Missing Music
The Key to Happiness
Black Friday 2015
Holidays in the City
Holiday Lights || Thank you for 30,000!
Gift Guide for Runners
My Favorite Fashion & Lifestyle Bloggers
An Ode to Routines
Spice to Table/The Third Space
The Art in Culinary Arts (Part 1) || Holeman & Finch (Atlanta, GA)
Krog Street Market (Photo Journal)
The Art in Culinary Arts (Part 2) || Restaurant Eugene (Atlanta, GA)
Ponce City Market (Atlanta, GA)
Georgia Aquarium (Atlanta, GA)
A Full Heart
Take Me Out to the Ball Game
Princeton Reunions Weekend
Gothic Revival
Loving Lately || Summer 2016
Firework Celebrations: Homecoming 2016
Kickoff: Homecoming 2016
Redirection: Fast Fashion | My New Approach to Shopping for Clothes
Redirection: Closet Basics & A Closet Cleanout
Redirection: Intentionally Doing Nothing
Redirection: #Hannah'sCornellStory
Redirection: Stop Wishing, Start Doing
Ithaca is Wizards
Liberty Hyde Greenhouse
Let's Redirect Our Attention
Cornell Plantations
Why I Gave Up My Dream to Become a Veterinarian
Why I Chose Nutrition & Dietetics
2016 Reflections, 2017 Goals
Travel Light: Packing for a European Winter in a Duffel + Backpack
Christmas in the City
January 2017 | VLOG
A Letter To My 奶奶 (Grandma)
Taughannock Falls
A Snow Day At Cornell
Cornell University: iPhone Photo Journal
City Chic
Trust Falls
Update: On Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness
A Guarded Heart (Love That Lets Go)
Cornell Nutrition: What I Learned My Sophomore Year
Photo Journal :: Favorite Photos from Cornell (College Year II)
Prodigal Daughter (My Testimony)
Night at the Met
DUMBO, Brooklyn
Seaside Sunset (Avon-by-the-Sea, NJ)
We Saw a Bear || July 4th Hike Up Mt. Tammany
For Your Eyes | Summer Reading Recommendations and Videos I Love

Sunday Dialogues:
Trust Falls
A Guarded Heart (Love That Lets Go)
Prodigal Daughter (My Testimony)

Loving Lately:
new obsessions
High School Supplies & Organizational Tips + What's In My Beauty Bag
Loving Lately (Oct. 2014)
Loving Lately: Winter Break 2015-16

High School Academic Writings:
Fear Anecdote: Temporary Blindness
Satire Essay: The PARCC Test Conquest

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