This is my space where I get to share my love for nutrition!

Before you read anything though, remember to take everything I say with a grain of salt - I'm not yet a registered dietitian, only a nutrition student. I promise to only provide information that I've been taught or that I've read from credible sources, but science is constantly changing too, so information that's "right" one day could potentially be "wrong" the next -- remember that low fat craze in the 80's that medical professionals recommended?

My hope in writing these blog posts is to help you better understand nutrition from an evidence based perspective. Ultimately, I hope to encourage you to reflect on and refine your personal lifestyle choices so that you may live contently and sustainably (in terms of health, finances, and the environment!). There's a lot of fads/scams out there taking advantage of the curious and well-intentioned; I believe that being equipped with education is the best way to develop the necessary critical thinking skills for combating misinformation! :)

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*not all articles are written by me!

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