April 12, 2017

City Chic

Popped into the city for half a day over spring break, and realized that I was only one of many, many people wearing a (faux) leather jacket! I guess I successfully disguised myself as a New Yorker ;)

Balanced out the edgy, rocker vibes of a leather jacket and distressed denim (read below and you'll find out why they're distressed) with a blush pink t shirt...I guess you can say that socks with pom poms contribute to the sweeter side of this outfit, too!

My favorite part about this outfit? Two main pieces, the jacket and the tee, were bought second-hand!

Blush tee: H&M (thrifted), Faux leather jacket: Urban Outfitters (second-hand, from eBay), Jeans: Forever 21 (shh, I've had them since I was 13), Shoes: Converse, Necklace: Forever 21

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