October 26, 2016

Redirection: Stop Wishing, Start Doing

Ever find yourself wishing that you could be better at something, say, cooking or photography, but never having enough time to actually get better?

I've used the same excuse (not having enough time) over and over again, until I finally got sick of it.
Two things that have been on that "list of things I want to get better at" are:
  1. Playing the guitar
  2. Yoga
Though I'm nowhere near the level that I want to be at with either, I have gotten better, and I'll take that any day. How have I done it? I've intentionally set aside time for both, and I'm not talking about 30 minutes of each per day. I'm talking about thirty minutes of guitar each week, and maybe twenty minutes of yoga poses each week -- nothing crazy!

And I know, especially as someone who has taken music lessons for much too long, that thirty minutes each week isn't going to get me that far...but hey, it's better than nothing! And these aren't hard and fast rules that I've instantiated into my life; if I don't have time, then it's okay, but these are little goals that I strive for each week. These goals are much more achievable, and honestly, I'm often able to exceed them. 

So try to make some time to do what you've always wanted to do. Maybe it's ten minutes each week, maybe it's thirty minutes bi-weekly. Just make it achievable, make it realistic. And most importantly, have fun.

xoxo, han

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