September 4, 2016

Vegan Cereal Milk Ice Cream (Failed Attempt)

Last summer, I made a vegan & gluten-free frozen tiramisu for my mom's birthday. It was a hit, and I wanted to remake the cashew-based ice cream using the remaining cup of cheerios in my pantry to make it cereal milk flavored (inspired by the Momofuku cereal milk soft serve). Unfortunately, the flavors didn't work properly and the "ice cream" was unappetizing, but I did take some photos and figured I'd share them anyways.

My inspiration for these flavor combinations - honey nut cheerio cereal milk + homemade gluten-free graham crackers - came from my nostalgia for classic, childhood staples that I served to my students all summer

I soaked the cheerios in some almond milk as I soaked the cashews; while honey nut cheerios are quite sweet, I don't think they were sweet enough to flavor the milk. The gluten-free graham crackers backfired on me too, even though I made them successfully last summer.




xoxo, han

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