September 19, 2016


Today, I am a year older...what does that mean? 

As I alluded to this a few weeks earlier, I've decided to realign the trajectory of my life - to redesign how I approach anything and everything, from my time to fashion, and what better time to do that than on my birthday? It's like another excuse to make New Years' Resolutions, except there's no negative expectation of failure! 

Let's backtrack a bit, and start where it all began: 

I stumbled across Caroline Rector's blog, un-fancy, last year, during her blogging hiatus. Caroline is primarily known for her capsule wardrobe experiment, which you can read about here. Personally, I do not believe that a capsule wardrobe is practical for me, but I have truly enjoyed learning about Caroline's experiment. I even wholely support Caroline's current advice on living a simpler, more balanced life. Though Caroline's blogposts largely focus on personal style and beauty, she has thrown in a lot of great life advice. Reading her blogposts have not only inspired me to simplify my closet and rethink how I approach fashion, but to also approach the other areas in my life with greater care and thought. 

Caroline was the catalyst for my desire to change, and in addition to the people around me, there have been other influencers/creators who have helped to fuel that initial spark this past year. These individuals include: Alli Cherry, Estee LalondeIngrid Nilsen, Linton HopkinsDeb Perelman, and Andy Stanley.

These individuals have made me reconsider and reflect on my attitudes, the way and why I do things. My eyes and heart have been more sensitized towards human, environmental, and animal rights, sustainability, and self-image. 

I'm also currently taking a communications class that's centered around the idea of the "Personal Brand". Though we focus mainly on the practical side of re-branding (ex: for careers), I've gained quite a bit of insight into the philosophical side as well. Our class readings and discussions have made me wonder, "What do I want other people to associate me with?", "How do I want to portray myself?", "What message do I want to share?", "What legacy do I want to leave behind?", and "What do I really care about?". 

This new series, tentatively titled "Redirection", is going to be about my new perspectives on the various areas that I would like to redefine for myself, and how I am re-directing my lifestyle to fit these new views. (Side note - I have a lot of stockpiled recipes that I'll continue to post each Sunday, and this series will be an addition to that schedule. I tried my hand at nutrition related posts over the summer, and didn't feel equipped to continue writing them, but I will still incorporate nutrition, fitness, and wellness into this series, in a way that is enjoyable for me to write about, and hopefully enjoyable for you to read!)

It's all going to be trial & error; no fast and hard rules here, because life is so incredibly unpleasant when you become your own pharisee. The roots of it all are my desires to live more simply, happily, and sustainably (personally and environmentally). I want to be a positive influence to the community around me, and I want to serve others to the best of my ability. I'm not going for perfection here; there's a lot that I can't feasibly or practically do given the constraints of my current situation as a student, but I do want to challenge myself to be the best me that I can be, and to live my best life. 

So here's to a new year, 19. 
I hope you'll join me for the ride.

xoxo, han

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