July 10, 2016

Vegan Bacon (2 ways)

Let's be completely straightforward from the get-go: minimally processed and easy to make at home vegan substitutes are going to taste 100% like their carnivorous counterparts, but I think it's fun to play around with what we have on hand, and save those opportunities to taste amazing vegan substitutes for special occasions. 

Ever since I tried coconut bacon at The Green Lotus Cafe in Hyannis, MA, vegan bacon has been something that I've wanted to play around with. One of my favorite vegan bloggers/YouTubers posted a vegan bacon recipe, using rice paper, a few weeks ago, and I finally stopped procrastinating and tried the recipe out for myself.

 Like I said earlier, this vegan "bacon" doesn't really taste like bacon, but it has that crispy, crunchy texture. There are so many different ways to make vegan bacon, and rice paper was just something that I had never heard of and was fascinated by! I used the same marinade and method with coconut chips to make coconut bacon too -- different types of "bacon" and different textures :)

 I served the bacon up with oven roasted breakfast potatoes and scrambled eggs with broccoli, mushroom, and sundried tomatoes (not vegan meal, but vegetarian). Orange juice was set on the side to complete my breakfast-for-dinner.

Recipe for the vegan bacon here.

xoxo, han

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