February 20, 2016

The General Muir (Atlanta, GA)

Who would have known that a little New York City, Jewish-inspired deli could have its place in the heart of the South? 

The General Muir is a modern and elevated twist on the classic Jewish delicatessen that's serves flavors true to tradition (or so I hear ;)). It's also been featured on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives, so it has to be good for a reason (---and in my book, it definitely is!). Instead of a dingy, stereotypical NYC deli (which, granted, isn't necessarily an indication of food quality), you're greeted by an upscale, clean and bright interior. Everything about this place is so photogenic and welcoming -- and the food just seals the deal.

 I haven't eaten a regular (non-gluten-free) bagel in years, but I know that the bagels I've eaten in the past have never tasted this good. Granted, I've never eaten a real NYC bagel (which is a little sad), but if NYC bagels are worth all the hype, then this has to be a true NYC bagel. This sesame bagel (toasted, of course) was chewy and flavorful but not tough and dense (and made fresh daily!)....I might be heading over there tomorrow morning to get another sesame bagel (maybe with peanut butter ;] ).

The smoked salmon was also unlike anything I've tasted before -- while it was oilier than the conventional grocery store smoked salmon, it had a unique flavor (not just salt) and felt lighter on my tongue. Store-bought smoked salmon tends to be opaque and more pink than red, but TGM's smoked salmon was slightly translucent and red. Although you could get more smoked salmon for $6-7 elsewhere, you certainly do pay for the quality of the food (cured and smoked in house!). 

The General Muir itself is divided into 2 sections, a deli/bakery and sit-down area; I'll definitely have to try out the sit-down area in the future.

FYI: the founders/owners of The General Muir also have several other restaurants in the Atlanta area, all of which are just as well known (but this is the original!). 

**Update: 7/10/2016: Since posting this, I have visited TGM two more times. I got the Smoked Hash and The Pecan Crusted French Toast. The hash was good, but portions were small considering the price of the ingredients, amount of pastrami on my plate, and the actual cost of the dish. The pastrami was tough, but it was worth a try. The Pecan Crusted French Toast was really good; the inside of the french toast was on the drier side for me, but that's just me being really picky. My friend says that their cheesecake is out-of-this-world delicious, and I've heard good things about their themed menu nights - Japanese inspired to Italian Sunday night pasta!


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