February 12, 2016

An Ode to Routines

I recently read an excerpt from Thoreau's "Where I Lived, and What I Lived For" for my English class; if you know anything about Thoreau, you'd know that he's the kind of person who's capable of writing words so enticing that could convince anyone to want to join him in an escape to the woods. I, for one, am not only the perfect bait for him because of my impressionability, but I am also perfect bait because I appreciate solitude. For me, solitude does not mean an overwhelming silence or loneliness --- to me, solitude graciously invokes liberation and peace. 

I often find solitude when I go running or when I escape to Starbucks early Saturday mornings to do work - sometimes my need to find a break is just so desperate that I spend the entire week looking forward to my quiet Saturday morning. Granted, it is filled with work, but I think I also partially enjoy this little routine of mine because it gives me a chance to be in a new environment (a really cute one at that, too - no seriously, come visit this Starbucks, it's actually really cute). My mom also told me that she used to go to coffee shops and cafes when she was a student to read while drinking a latte, and I feel like I'm just one step closer to being like her through my little oatmeal and chemistry homework routine ;)
Routines tend to have a bad rep because they're predictable and easy to get stuck in, but I think they can be beautiful things to look forward to, amidst a whirlwind of every changing things. I spoke to one of my high school English teachers last month, and we both relished in the fact that the simplest routines, like sitting down to actually enjoy breakfast, can make all the difference. Who likes to begin their day rushed? What better feeling is there than to know that you don't have to be somewhere you don't want to be (ahem, class)?

So here's to the simple joy of having a routine to look forward to, and here's to the opportunity to create new ones.

xoxo, han

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