January 3, 2016

Urban Woods

This outfit reminds me distinctly of Urban Outfitters, yet it isn't as grunge-y and edge-y; rather, because of the pop of color that the maroon scarf and the saddle bag give, it looks more lumberjack like, as if I was about to explore the BC woods ;)

There are a million and one plaid shirts out there, but here are a few tips that I've picked up when it comes to finding the perfect one:

1. Pay attention to material: the print may be plaid, but the shirt itself could feel silk-like, be a thin cotton material, or actually be made of a thick, flannel material. (I prefer the latter)

2. Pay attention to the cut of the shirt: how fitted around the waist is it? Can you roll up the sleeves easily? Is the shoulder area too baggy or too tight? I prefer a shirt that has sleeves that are loose enough to roll up but aren't oversized/baggy and is loose around the waist area but not oversized to the point that I can't wear the shirt under a sweater!

3. Pay attention to the color scheme: There are different shades of any color - bright, neon, bold, faded, deep/rich. It's important to find a color that'll be versatile for you and can match several of your closet pieces. Personally, I gravitate towards colors that are a bit deeper; neon or bright reds, even, aren't my thing.

Grey flowy shirt: Urban Outfitters, Plaid Flannel: Forever 21, Scarf: Forever 21, Saddle Bag: vintage (found on Etsy), Leggings: Forever 21, Coat: Banana Republic, Boots: BCBG (bought it through Urban Outfitters)


and a little glimpse into our second annual New Years tradition (going to a buffet ;) ):      

xoxo, han

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