January 7, 2016

Sky-High, Post-Workout, Protein Pancakes

One of Blogilate's most popular recipes is her banana pancake recipe that requires two simple ingredients - a banana and 2 eggs. I've seen several people recreate this recipe, but I've also noticed the mixed reviews. I personally enjoy the taste of these pancakes, and I sometimes making them even lighter by only using egg whites (recipe here), however, others have an aversion to the "banana flavored egg" taste. Some people combat this by adding coconut flour; for those with coconut allergies or dislike the taste of coconut, here's an alternate version that yields protein-packed, grain-free pancakes, perfect for a post-workout snack or even just for breakfast :)

I also lightened this recipe up by using only one egg; surprisingly enough, these pancakes still have quite a bit of structure without that extra egg, allowing them to have a super thick and fluffy texture (I made these pancakes after watching an IHOP commercial at the gym!). To be completely honest, there's really no need to add maple syrup, but I just did that for the photos; I think a creamy nut butter or fruit compote would be better toppings.

Recipe: Sky-High, Post-Workout, Protein Pancakes
By: Hannah Claudia

1 banana, mashed (using a fork is the easiest!)
1 egg
2 tablespoons of buckwheat flour
coconut oil
(opt) 1 tsp vanilla extract


1. Mix all of the ingredients together
2. Heat up a medium sized pan with some coconut oil.
3. When the pan is hot enough (flick a little bit of water into the pan - it should start "dancing"),
add dollops of  the pancake batter into the pan. Slowly add more batter to build up the volume of each pancake.
4. Flip when the bottom side is golden brown; the pancake will feel delicate but that's just the nature of this batter.
5. Remove from heat when the second side is golden brown.

xoxo, han

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