December 1, 2015

Thanksgiving 2015 - Leftovers Edition

I love Thanksgiving, but we always eat Thanksgiving dinner, meaning that the lighting isn't that optimal for photography of the actual dinner. While I did take photos of dinner, the leftovers are simply much more photogenic and worth sharing! :

click here to get the recipe for this gluten & dairy-free pumpkin pie!

Gluten-free CORNBREAD!! 
My lovely friend Molly gave me her grandmother's recipe for the base of this cornbread, and I experimented just a little bit by combining it with Alton Brown's recipe. It turned out great, but it was definitely denser than I'd prefer it to be, so I'm going to make my own version that has my desired texture before sharing a recipe.

Brussels sprouts...I just learned to like them this past summer

And the classic leftovers sandwich: gluten-free bread, turkey, cranberry sauce, and brussels sprouts
--- I'd add a moistmaker but I'm just not a gravy (or -- hold your breath -- mashed potatoes) kind of person.

xoxo, han

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