December 30, 2015

Morning Blues

My mom and I are in the midst of cleaning out our closets, and something that I've been doing in order to decide whether something is worth keeping or not is coming up with at least 3 outfits using that item that I'm considering. One of the pieces I've been thinking about is this blue collared shirt from Hollister - I don't gravitate towards it very often because it's too fitted for my liking, but it is pretty versatile because of its perfect, light baby blue color. Pair it with some true blue jeans and soft brown for a nice color palette that                 reminded me a lot of the soft colors of the morning.

Collared shirt: Hollister, Co.; Sweater: H&M; Jeans: F21; Necklace: DIY'd it using a chain and charm from Michaels
Vintage Saddle Bag: courtesy of my mom's closet - Louie Vuitton; Flats: (not sure! they're about 7 years old :P)



xoxo, han

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