December 2, 2015

Black Friday 2015

I'm proud to say that I've never been a real "Black Friday" shopper - granted, I have shopped at 11 am on the Friday, but I don't like how employees are forced to work on Thanksgiving night to prep for the midnight door openers (or even the Thanksgiving night sales). I will admit though, that while Black Friday sales have gotten worse, it's a nice excuse for my mom and I to spend the entire day together and shop ;) 
This year, my mom had the idea of extending the Thanksgiving gluttony to lunch on Friday --- how could I not agree ;)?:

p.s. miss you mom :(

being at home after several months of living 800+ miles away in a dorm room really reminds you of how much of a luxury it is to be in a house and to live in it. here are just a few things that I realized I took advantage of:

1. Showering without shower shoes 
2. Showering in a spacious, clean bathroom (granted, I really can't complain too much about the dorm bathrooms, but regardless--- they're on completely different sides of the spectrum)
3. Walking around the house barefoot (I will never dare to walk barefoot on these floors here :P)
4. Having the luxury of seeing all of my winter sweaters in one place (have I mentioned how much I cherish my sweaters? -- I know, it's extremely materialistic, but fall/winter fashion is just so much more fun because of the versatility of pieces when it comes to layering)
5. Sleeping in my own bed, not on a foam mattress topper that slides around every time I jump/slide off of my bed
6. Watching friends after a run
7. Having a kitchen full of ingredients and tools to cook/bake in
8. Washing my dishes in a sink that has adequate water pressure
9. Having my family around
10. Listening to the radio as I drive

Let's be clear, it's great living here, but dorms really aren't that fun, and you realize very quickly how important the little things can be ;)

Sweater: Gap (got it several years ago -- on Black Friday!)
Necklace: DIY'd it using a necklace charm and chain that I bought from Michael's

(sure looks like something from Baublebar, but the great thing is, it's significantly cheaper, especially because
Michael's often has coupons!)

xoxo, han

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