December 24, 2015

2 Braids, Countless Hairstyles | My Favorite Fashion & Lifestyle Bloggers

My hair is awfully flat (very little volume) but it's also very thick, so I always struggle to find hairstyles that keep my hair out of my face and can stay tied up without falling out, losing volume, and looking all messy. Lately, I've been resorting to the same few hairstyles that all start off with these two side french braids --  the hairstyles are all simple and quick to re-create (five minutes tops), aren't very high up (won't hurt your head and won't fall down/lose volume), and frame your face (sometimes top knots just aren't flattering if you have a rounder face shape). 

But before I begin with the hairstyles, I want to continue with a little list of my favorite fashion & lifestyle bloggers because this post was inspired by one of them! 
So let's start off with the blogger who inspired this post: Chelsea Lankford, of truelane. Her outfits are simple and wearable, her photos are mesmerizing (check out her instagram!), and her writing is captivating.
Alliance Francaise, Minneapolis.jpg

Next is Treasure and Travels! Like Chelsea's blog, the photography on Treasure and Travels incorporates so much natural light, which is something that I love. This blog is run by two sisters in Vancouver who share all things beauty/hair/fashion/DIY/recipes. Their YouTube channel is great too .

The third one is Wood&Whim, run by Monica, an Instagram-famous photographer :) (seriously, her Instagram photos are amazing). She was a Free People blog intern for the past few months -- her fashion sense, not to mention her photography skills, is, for a lack of better words, goals.
Wood and Whim

And the last one (don't worry, there are several amazing bloggers out there that I follow, but these four are definitely my all-time favorites) is Un-Fancy, run by Caroline, who is known for her capsule wardrobe! I love her minimalistic style and her hair.

Now that you've met a few of the people who inspire me, let's get into the tutorial! :

Now you have the two braids - you can by all means leave your hair like that, but I think they look better when they're incorporated into a hairstyle ;) Here are some ideas:

side note: you can curl the bottom pieces of your hair or straighten them! I did this hairstyle on second day curls.

and here are two more steps that can lead to several other hairstyles:
you can first leave the hair like it is, or you can use that braid for a few more hairstyles:

Half Up Braided Bun: twist the braid (or two braids that are tied together) around and wrap into a bun! Secure with bobby pins or an elastic.

For the Braided Bun: start off with the half-up braided bun (this makes it a lot easier, especially for people with shorter or even super thick hair!). Next, grab all of the leftover hair (not in the half up bun) and twist several times. Wrap the twisted section of hair around the half up bun and pin in place/secure with an elastic!

For the Low Braided Bun: Start off with the single overlapping braid (the two braids tied together). Grab all of your hair and twist into a low bun (you can twist it towards one side for a low side bun or you can just keep it in the middle). Pin/secure with a bobby pin!

Last but not least, the easiest hairstyle of them all, the Side Braids incorporated into a Ponytail: Start off with the two braids (don't tie them together!). Gather all of your hair into a ponytail and secure with an elastic. (Optional: take a small piece of hair from the bottom of your ponytail and wrap it around the elastic. Pin that piece of hair in place)

Merry Christmas Eve :)!
xoxo, han


  1. Love it! Thanks so much for the sweet words! Your hair looks gorgeous!

    1. Oh my word, thank you so much for taking the time to not only read this but to also comment, Chelsea!Your kind words really mean a lot :)

  2. medium length and long length hair styles looks pretty, rather i do not like short hair styles very much but that is fine too