November 22, 2015

Missing Music

I had the privilege of hearing my school's orchestra perform last night --- and I was blown away by how much I miss playing music, being a part of an ensemble, and feeling accomplished after performing for a crowd with an orchestra.

I can now say that my experience of being an "insider" definitely primed me mentally to fully appreciate the music last night as an "outsider" (that is not to say that someone who doesn't have an insider experience can't enjoy the music, but the experience is certainly different). Being able to identify wind instruments by ear, observing a phrase being carried like a waterfall across different sections, and admiring the dynamics of people collaborating to create music reminded me of the experiences that I had for the past 8 years and abandoned so quickly. While the rehearsals were tiring and practice parts were not as exciting individually, hearing the product of a collective effort made me realize just how worthwhile the last 8 years were, and I can't wait to hear the next concert.

xoxo, han

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