October 2, 2015

Rainy Day Adventures

It's been another long and rainy week, full of exams, good conversations, terrible food, and stressful in-class partners...
...but I'm still alive ;)

For our required freshman health class, we had to complete a 240 question survey that was designed to rank our strengths. As I was completing the survey, I realized one important thing: my outlook on any situation has changed, significantly.

I was much more negative in the past, and my conscious efforts to focus on the positive aspects of any situation have worked. Granted, there's been a lot of stressful situations this past week, and I'm sure I still experience the stress sub-consciously, but even with my two big exams this week, I didn't feel super super stressed out --- yay, progress!!!

The little things definitely make a difference though --- like grocery shopping ;)

and in addition to grocery shopping, regular shopping ---

Went into this giant mall looking for sandals to only realize that it's fall, and no one's selling sandals in stores now.
Fortunately, I was able to find sandals online (thank you, American Eagle -- for sale, too!), but while I was at the mall, I found one thing that I desperately needed and loved --- this sweater, from Urban Outfitters, for $10. 

(cue the bow) 
 And above was my schedule and studying schedule for the past week --- we'll see how effective this all was, but for now, I'm pretty happy with how it's been working out ;)

This past week hasn't been blog-worthy, but fingers crossed this weekend will give me some more time to take photos! I can't promise that though ;), so I have several blogpost ideas involving nutrition and food for the future. This blog has been primarily a food blog, and while I tried to come up with as many healthy recipes as possible, I rarely touched upon nutrition as I mainly reserved that for my articles on LoveLiveHealth. As I'm taking a break from work, I want to start writing more about nutrition here, but not with the (more or less) impersonal voice that I have to maintain on LLH (while I love love love that job, it's easier to write here, where everything's more like a conversation!). So those are the plans for the future, but for now --- gooooood night ;)

xoxo, han

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