October 18, 2015

Introducing "Collegiate Kitchen"

I hit a low point the other day --- I pretty much didn't eat anything from the dining hall during lunch and dinner because the food was just so inedible. So instead, I had to retreat back to my room and finish off the snacks that I had stored up --- and I finished off quite a bit. 

That was the low point for me --- binge eating the rest of my cheerios made me feel incredibly disgusted with myself, but you know what? It's good that I hit the point --- I'm at the point where I don't feel tempted to eat "healthy junk foods". I want real foods, so that's why I'm going to introduce a new series called "College Eats", where I share my progress towards finding and whipping up healthy meals. 

I was even more inspired the next day during my school's Sustainability Food Fair --- reminding myself of all of the principles and values that I set up in my life during the past two years, from identifying the "Dirty Dozen" and "Clean Fifteen" to promoting sustainable and humane practices. 

A home-cooked meal at our lovely friend's house (we love you Laura and thank you for having us <3) made me miss cooking so much more, so my desire to cook in whatever way I can here in my dorm has increased significantly.

And my binge eating cheerio days are over --- mostly because I finished the giant box :)

Update on Collegiate Kitchen:
Check out the instagram: www.instagram.com/collegiatekitchen!

I may post the photos on the blog in one condensed post every week, but for now, go to the instagram page for easy and quick recipes!

xoxo, han

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