October 14, 2015

Inspiration and Action

I've always been ambitious --- I've dabbled around in different fields, wanting to try anything and everything, but it's definitely taken a lot of discipline to carry out all my little goals. I've been thinking a lot about how goals/dreams/wishes come true as I've been recently working on a secret little project that I've been contemplating for over a year now. It's easy to come up with ideas, but it's much harder to come up with a game plan to make the idea become a reality. It's commonly said that people who sit back and simply dream are lazy or will never make their dreams a reality. Granted, this holds true in many situations, but I also think that it's okay to sit back and wait for the right time. Maybe the dream isn't realistic currently, but life throws all sorts of crazy things at you, from people to opportunities. Stepping back for just a second will allow you to be more open to these little surprises and take full advantage of opportune timing. Waiting just a little doesn't guarantee instant success, but I do think that it has its benefits, and the idea that those who sit back and don't take initiative instantly are lazy is just something that can't generalize all situations.

xoxo, han

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