September 7, 2015

Sleepaway Camp vs. Homework Prison

One of my main concerns before coming here was the workload --- how much work do we really have? Does the amount of "free time" suffice? How difficult is the work itself?!

Well, it's been two weeks and two days, and I can safely say that the workload is intense. And I'm going to say something that I say to pretty much everyone: Spanish class is the most demanding. I take two science classes (and consequently two labs), and I still feel like Spanish class is the most "difficult" because there's just so many things to do. The upperclassmen have affirmed this sad fact; I fell in love with Spanish literature and culture last year because of my wonderful and incredible friend/teacher/mentor/big sister/role model, and sadly, my class this year isn't furthering my love. On top of reading from the textbook, there's a lot of unnecessary "busy work" that the teacher dumps on us every day, including textbook work, worksheets, and online activities. 

Speaking of online activities, the 21st century technologically involved education that this school employs was very disorienting at first. Each class uses a different online system (which means you have to pay for every different online system), and there's a mix of tests and homework assignments each day. 

Granted, there are a lot of great things about being here, and I'm really enjoying the content that I'm learning, but the workload has been frustrating. While this feels like a perpetual sleepaway camp, there's that little voice in the back of my mind that reminds me of all of the work that I have, sitting on my desk ;) 

So younger self ---- the work can get out of hand, and you'll be super surprised that your Type-A organizational/time management skills need some refining/readjusting!

xoxo, han

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