September 12, 2015

A Crazy Week in Photos

Once again, this was an incredibly eventful week, from having coke spilled on me to getting TWO care packages from my family (I know Mom did all the work, so THANK YOU MOM<3)

Granola & strawberries took over most of my breakfasts, but after getting a sore throat, I've been eating oatmeal instead.

I may have finished the jar....

Gummy bears from my RA since it's my birthday month, and a new mug that I got for $3.49 at the bookstore's labor day sale --- YESS

The cashier asked me if I was getting the mug for my best friend.....I thought that the "BFFs" part was only in reference to the cute milk and cookie cartoon :/

Farmers' Market haul

more amazon orders --- KIND bars are much more affordable on amazon, and I figured this would be a better alternative to the cliff bars that I've been packing as snacks

Care package #1 from Mom (and the rest of the family). It was a HUGE surprise, and it definitely made the whole "getting coke spilled on me" incident disappear that day. This momma knows her peanut butter addict, and got both freshly ground peanut butter and almond butter....just when I thought I had finished the jar and would be able to overcome my addiction ;)

But in all honesty, I've been good about it --- I really have!

Then on Friday, after three days of being sick, my mom texts me and says the 2nd care package arrived. 
MOM, PLEASE STOP SPOILING MEEE!!!!(but thank you so much!)

oh, and this morning, I opened the box of mama chia squeezes, and there's actually more stuff in there --- WEGMAN'S PEANUT BUTTER (2 jars --- this is the GOOD stuff), 2 Vega energy drink packages, a travel sized container of cacao nibs, a coconut energy bar...). Thank you thank you, Mom <3 <3 Please don't send me more, because I will definitely gain that freshman 15!!

My Friday night was full of online window shopping, buzzfeed food quizzes, and youtube videos. (Don't worry, I did a decent amount of homework that day too)

That day, I was reminded of how grateful I am for one of my professors. I'm taking this one class that has absolutely nothing to do with any of my academic interests, but it has seriously become my favorite class --- because of my professor and because it provokes so much higher order thinking and fosters intellectual discussions. Seriously the best class that I'm taking.

One of the bad things about the dining hall here, is that a) there's really only one dining hall, and b) it opens from 10 am - 8 pm on the weekends. I TOTALLY understand that the employees need to take a break (they definitely deserve it), but then there's no breakfast for the early birds (or I guess the more accurate term for me is "morning dove"  --- learned that form a BuzzFeed quiz :P)

so this morning, after trying a restless sleep (trying to go to bed at 10:30 in a college dorm ---on a friday night --- where walls are paper thin, is not easy), I ate a wonderful breakfast consisting of a banana that I got from the dining hall the day before, a farmer's market energy bar, and a packet of Mama Chia :) And it was wonderful.

After an eventful day of trying to balance work, tutoring, photography training, and blowing my nose 500000 times, my friends and I went to a a food truck park, which is supposedly named "one of the best". 



it's really not. 
I did enjoy getting off campus, but it really wasn't worth the 1 hour round trip and overpriced mediocre food, especially with my state of health. I did really enjoy spending time with my friends and reminding myself that life exists outside of our little bubble of a campus, but if you know about this food truck park --- I don't recommend going (at least not on a night like tonight).

here's to a rollercoaster of a week --- let's see what next week brings.

xoxo, han


  1. Lmao, only halfway through your post but writing right now to laugh in your face and tell you that that Freshman 15 is DEFINITELY a thing and it Will happen to You. Hahaha. Kidding (not really), but yes, unfortunately it happens to most and it most certainly happened to me. I literally came back the next year after a summer apart from my roommate and she greets me with: "Oh my God, Deeds!!! You lost a ton of weight!!! Like, a lot a lot. What did you lose like, 50 pounds?!" .... Ya, more like 15. But thanks, Trish! -_- :P

    But no, in all seriousness you seem to eat extremely healthy as is anyway, just by nature and general dietary awareness haha. So I think you'll be fine. But that made me giggle :P The Freshman 15 is kind of like a package deal with dorming. Consider it your initiation rite. :P

    1. Hahaha thanks:D Oh my word, Trish ;) We're forced to take this "Health 100" class, and I believe the homework for the next two weeks include attending zumba and yoga, so hopefully that'll force me to abandon schoolwork for a little longer and do a real workout aside from the blogilates i've been doing here and there!

  2. Several things:

    1. That mug is adorable. What a great find! So glad you scooped it up on sale! Super cute and definitely a fun memento of freshman year of college for years to come! It's funny the things we collect to memorialize moments of our lives (although I know your purchase wasn't for sentimental value but just because it was cute :P). I remember my sophomore year of college my roommate and I wandered through the forest behind our campus and suddenly stumbled onto a golf course. During our adventure we plucked two stray golf balls that had been hit and never found and pocketed them to keep. I still have mine with me to this day, although I've never had a purpose for it :')

    2. LOL you must've been the ONLY person to try going to sleep at 10:30 PM on a Friday night during the first month of the college year. Wow I'm sure that was an experience trying to drift through the obnoxious noises of guys, girls, drunkards and teens/early twenty-somethings in general.

    3. This is kind of an off-shoot of #1 but I was just reminded of this thought I had while reading - lol at the cashier ruining a nice purchase for yourself by asking eagerly if the mug was a gift for your best friend. Hahaha... I love when life comes crashing down ingloriously like that, all the time.

    4. Send us your address so we can send care packages!!! Yay.

    Okie, have fun tomorrow and feel better/rest up! <3

    1. Oh my word, that sounds like a really great memento! Maybe you can see if anyone can drill a hole through it and make it into a Christmas tree ornament? Definitely don't throw it out, though! Lolol I know, I didn't really know how to respond to the cashier, and I said..."um,'s for me..." and she gave me this really confused look ;D! She then said "well, I guess you should be your own best friend", and I had to agree.

      Ohh yeah, it was definitely hard, but for some odd reason, I slept from 11:30 - 9 am on Saturday (super rare for me to sleep that long and that well), which is the same day that a lot of parties take place (apparently Friday is still considered a day of "rest", in between the Thursday and Saturday night parties (go figure)!

      Anywho, thank you thank you for all of your comments and for reading everything, Diana!!!! Haha please do not send me anything, I have wayyy too much stuff ;D (I seriously do). Feeling a lot better today and I think I've become a regular at CVS ;) Miss you all <3!

  3. 1. For the 2nd care package, too bad UPS delayed the delivery (supposed come on same day as the 1st one) so I have to break the surprise by telling you to check the mail room on Friday evening :)

    2. Dad did help me package them :)

    3. Why didn't you mention about the bath scrub which I thought would stand out? (They smell so good to me) Hope you will enjoy using it !

  4. Well thank you Dad for packing them ;)!!

    Oh goodness, Mom ;) Thank you for the bath scrub too!! (but you know that food holds a very special place in my heart and always takes precedent). Thank you Mom <3 <3