August 16, 2015

Week in Review

The school year is approaching. FAST. Amidst all of the work this week, I had the privilege to catch up with a few of my close friends one last time before winter break. Saying temporary goodbyes have been a little weird, but it doesn't feel bad or awkward at all --- these friends are the ones who will stay forever, and there's absolutely no doubt that I won't see them in a short, few months, when we'll have even more to talk about beyond move-in days and random cat attack stories :/

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More photos from my photoshoot with Alisha <3

Talking about pre-college excitement and nervousness over vegan & gluten-free donuts 

 Then I ate brussels sprouts for the second time in my entire life (--- first time cooking it)!

And now for a few snapshots from this weekend (I filmed short video clips instead to better capture the moment;
I'll be sure to post the videos as soon as they're edited!):
Bounce U with one of my gym buddies -- we got more exercise in this one hour than we did the entire year!
Let's be completely transparent here: we did get judged for going to this place, by the parents who were there, and by the employees (who were mostly juniors from our high school :D) But it was fun! We weren't allowed to go on one last inflatable since we were pushed into the second room ("no jumpers unless an employee is present"), but we were a little too tired anyways!

One last trip to the farmers' market for the year: 

(Don't worry, I did get a bunch of kale too)

Second time in front of a Kelsey Montague mural

 xoxo, han

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