August 18, 2015

Rice Cake Pairings

Tofu, kale, rice cakes --- all of the stereotypical, "health foods" that have extremely negative connotations.
I would cringe every single time I heard about "rice cakes" or saw someone post a photo of their rice cakes because they reminded me of the Quaker rice snacks covered in powdered flavorings that I hated as a kid (yup, hated). But back in April, after eating these at my aunt's house, I realized that they don't taste bad --- in fact, they taste rather neutral, making them the perfect, low-calorie vessels for eating PEANUT BUTTER.

Of course, not everyone loves peanut butter as much as I do (not even sure if it's possible for anyone can love it that much too), so I've come up with a savory option inspired by the trendy "avocado toast" ;)

You can eat these as snacks, for lunch (use in place of bread), with sweet toppings for dessert, or before/after you work out (add carbohydrate-rich toppings before you work out or protein-rich toppings after you work out)!


Rice Cake Pairings: "Hannah's Happy Place"

1 banana, sliced
peanut butter
black sesame seeds
rice cakes


1. Spread an even layer of peanut butter over a rice cake
2. Top with banana slices and black sesame seeds

Rice Cake Pairings: "Avocado Toast"

1/2 avocado, mashed
black pepper
smoked paprika
rice cakes


1. Spread an even layer of hummus over a rice cake
2. Top with the mashed avocado and sprinkle with black pepper & smoked paprika

xoxo, han

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