July 29, 2015

Tortuga's Once Again

I've written two posts (restaurant review and my second trip) about Tortuga's Mexican Village, and here's my third. My brother and I love this place; I haven't eaten much Mexican food, but I know for sure that this Mexican food has to be some of the best. My all-time favorite dish would be the "huevos con nopalitos" (eggs with cactus), but I've wanted to try new things every time, so I tried the "pescado acapulco" my second time, and this time, I tried the fish tacos. The servers were extremely attentive; I asked the person who seated us if the fish was breaded with flour, and she said no --- then, the person who took our order advised me to not get the pinto beans since that had a little flour --- I definitely appreciated how they passed that message along and were that attentive. 

Like the fish tacos I had at R. Thomas Deluxe Grill, these were pretty spicy (of course, this is all coming from someone who can't deal with anything remotely spicy)! Even after I brushed off the salsa verde, I felt my lips tingle and go numb ;)! Regardless, the tacos tasted really good, and I definitely recommend the hard shell blue corn tortillas over the soft ones as the soft ones literally just melted from the heat of the fish. 

We definitely had a very indulgent day ---- after going to Tortuga's, we stopped by a co-op for the first time, and I had a blast exploring the store (especially the baking section!). Watch our vlog (below) to see us taste test natural (no sugar-added) fruit leather and gelatin-free marshmallows :)

Top: Forever 21 (I actually cut up an old dress to make a t shirt)
Shorts: Abercrombie & Fitch
Hat: Forever 21
Bag: TUMI (gift)
Shoes: Old Navy sandals 

Wilson got the lunch combo again ---- but this time, he got 3 beef tacos. 
He ate EVERYTHING in addition to chips & salsa. 

Watch the vlog here:

xoxo, han

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