July 16, 2015

Morning Glory

went on a little self-timer photoshoot this morning around 8:30 am. the weather was absolutely perfect --- breezy and 65*F, a nice break from the muggy, humid weather we've been having. of course, i started to feel a sore throat coming on, but we're moving past that. I've recently been experimenting with the manual mode of our camera more; I've tried for years to understand aperture and shutterspeed through reading books, watching YouTube videos, and reading articles online, but the concepts never made any sense. Experimentation was the true method to understanding what any of it means and how to apply the knowledge. So here are the products of my experimentation :) :

remember this photo? I wore nearly the same outfit (similar shirt and same hat) almost a year ago:
of course I had a photographer last year ;) (granted, he was quite unwilling!)
now let's flash forward to the present:
this morning's caffeine (don't worry, mom, it was black tea, not coffee) clearly got to my head

shirt: TJ Maxx (by Monteau)
shorts: (not sure! got it wayyy too long ago)
hat: Forever 21
shoes: Old Navy

xoxo, han

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