July 23, 2015

How to Make Vietnamese Summer Rolls

One of the things that I appreciate about my Asian background is the fact that I've been exposed to different Asian foods since I was really young (you'll see me cry because I couldn't eat my parent's sushi when I was just learning to walk). In addition to sushi, (shoutout to the restaurant that I really want to go to called "Beyond Sushi"), I've eaten pho, pad thai, dim sum, and Vietnamese spring and summer rolls, for a long time. 

I've shared several recipes for "Vietnamese Spring Rolls", and I've called them "spring rolls" because I'm just used to hearing them called that, but I guess there is a difference due to technicality: these rice wrapped rolls are commonly referred to as "summer rolls" because there's a different version of Vietnamese spring rolls that are deep fried like traditional Chinese spring rolls (those, by the way, are equally as delicious but not so healthy). 

I've never done a step-by-step photo tutorial on how to roll these up, so I thought it was time to do that:

rice paper wrappers (can be found in any Asian grocery store, or even Whole Foods)
your desired fillings (ideas: lettuce, cucumber sticks, sliced avocado, carrot strips, mangoes, shrimp, buckwheat noodles)

a plate with warm water


1. Dip the edges of one sheet of rice paper into the warm water.
2. Soak the entire rice paper in the warm water until softened
3. Lay softened rice paper on a flat surface:
 4. Start adding your fillings (anything that's on the bottom will be more visible when you roll it up --- something to keep in mind for aesthetic reasons):

 5. Fold the bottom of the rice paper (closest to you) up:
 6. Keeping the bottom folded up, gather all of the filling closer to one side:
 7. Start rolling the side that's closest to the filling like you would a burrito, keeping the bottom tucked in:
 You're done!

You can even wrap the summer roll in some more lettuce and serve with some fish sauce, soy sauce, or peanut sauce!

xoxo, han

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