July 7, 2015

DIY Polymer Clay Projects

Polymer clay is a pretty simple clay to work with, and I often used it to make little charms in the past, but I prefer to make useful projects now, so here are a few ideas for practical and simple polymer clay DIYs:

Cat Dish: you can customize the size to suit what you want it to hold
You can get away with a smaller size to hold things like rings/paper clips, and you'll need a larger size for bracelets, hair ties, clips, etc. 
Marbled Cat coasters:
Take several pieces of colored clay and a large piece of white clay. Mold each color of clay into a long log and twist all of the logs together. Roll the colorful log into one ball and then squish it around to mix the colors. Split the ball into two smaller balls and one medium size balls (3 total). Flatten the medium sized one to make the cat head and the other two into cat ears. Squish everything together to make the cat shape.

tutorial here
Monogrammed ring dish (tutorial here)

this one is hard to describe, but I basically baked the tree separately from the actual dish. I attached everything at the end using hot glue.
like the tree, I made the elephant and dish separately and then attached everything with hot glue. ----yes, the elephant has no tail.

xoxo, han

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