June 7, 2015

The Minimalist

The Minimalist

I've always been a hoarder, but over the past year, I've been cleaning out a lot of unnecessary things that I really don't need to hold on to anymore. While minimalist fashion doesn't align perfectly with my style, there are a lot of aspects of it that I really do appreciate! 

For example: clean lines. 
Take a look at those sandals: they're simple and versatile. I do like some kinds of boho sandals that have a lot of intricate designs/beading, but they're difficult to style since they become more of a statement piece rather than a basic staple.

Another minimalist characteristic that I love is plants. Minimalist interior design always embodies greenery, and I'm excited about decorating my dorm room with minimalist ideas in mind ;) 

Lastly, I love white backgrounds. It's clean and makes for great photographs!

xoxo, han

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