June 29, 2015

(not) A Casual Day

mmhmm. yeah....(cue the That's So Raven theme song) yep that's me ;)
but let's start off a couple hours earlier:

So Will and I headed off to Tortuga Mexican Village, my favorite Mexican restaurant. I've been raving about it to him for ages, and we finally made the time to go there. Thank the heavens for the invention of the GPS, because I drove on several new roads today ;)

Last time I went to Tortuga's, I ordered the huevos con nopalitos (eggs with cactus), and I was incredibly tempted to order it again, but I wanted to try something new. I always like to stay in my comfort zone when it comes to food, and I think most people can understand --- who likes ordering wrong/being dissatisfied with your order when you know there's something you love on the menu?

I took the risk anyways (yup, that's right, being rebellious ;] ), and ordered the pescado acapulco. 
Pescado Acapulco: catfish that's been broiled (topped with parsley/cilantro), steamed vegetables, rice, lettuce/tomato

I really loved the fish, but it was very salty. On the bright side, it was moist and tender, I don't think I would order this again because I really did like the huevos nopalitos a lot more (these veggies were super mushy and the rice wasn't as flavorful as the rice they serve with the eggs), but I'm glad I tried it --- there's nothing worse than always wondering about "what could have been"/the unknown. (yes, i take food very seriously)
Wilson had a tough time deciding what to order, so I recommended the lunch combination: he chose one beef taco and one chorizo tamale with pinto beans. He scarfed down the food (per usual), and he said he prefers the taco over the tamale.
(and no, I did not finish aaalll of that food --- you gotta take home leftovers for mom & dad to try so they'll come next time!)

Will & I definitely need to update our wardrobe: the majority of our clothes are at least 4-5 years old, and yes, that's something good when you're older (indicates that you've kept classic staple pieces and that you've taken good care of them ---  an investment well made!), but when you're teenagers who grow like weeds, then it's not so good. At the mall, I caught sight of several things that triggered some inspiration:
pineapple romper from Aeropostale (didn't get it because the romper was not tailored to fit well, but the print is definitely eye catching)
donuts. who doesn't love them? 
the sweater is a bit tacky and it's definitely more "american apparel-esque" (doesn't really align with my preferences), but it did trigger a bit of inspiration.
clean and simple and french. 
I've been loving @sarahlapp's instagram  ---- she's a baker and a small business owner and artistic ---  and this head wrap just reminded me of her.
finally found a striped shirt that matches what i've been looking for: white with clean, thin stripes! i actually didn't get the one that's photographed above as it was too sheer and had this "burn out" detail on the top, but I did find one that's similar but opaque. the one thing that i'm uneasy about with the one I got is that it is oversized, but it is extremely comfortable and versatile---and I will actually wear it :)
now onto the FUN part of the day :)
my cousin messaged me on instagram with a photo of a cut up news article with MY FACE on it!
On graduation day, a photographer snapped a candid of my friend and I, and he asked for our names afterwards. I scoured the internet the day after for this photo, but I couldn't find it. Little did I know, it was actually in the paper the day after I graduated. I thought it actually came out in today's paper, so I went straight to the store looking for it. Then, I saw "friday" on the photo my cousin sent to me, so I went to the library looking for older papers. I finally came across last last Friday's paper and there was my face ;)

Unfortunately, the library didn't allow me to buy it or "check it out", so I made a really bad 10 cent copy of the photo and had my own little photoshoot in the 13th aisle of the library. Did some people walk by looking at me all weird?....yup

This moment totally reminded me of when my mom's photo was on the inside cover of a magazine. She was standing across the street from the twin towers on 9/11, and a photographer snapped a photo of her reaction. Yes, definitely a different situation, but I just love the parallelism :)

xoxo, han

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