June 28, 2015

Green Tea Macarons

The first and only time I made macarons was two years ago, so I decided to give this culinary challenge another go this morning. Before I start, let me explain the appearance: I didn't use any food coloring (and if you do use it, please make your own natural ones because artificial dyes have been demonstrated to cause significant growths of tumors!) but I did use matcha (green tea) powder. The green tea powder is not very concentrated in color, so the browning process covered up most of the green tea's natural pigments, ergo the the light brown appearance.

Also, I didn't use my own recipe as it was my second time making these. I love @EntertainingWithBeth 's recipes, so I used her recipe again. My only dislike is that the macarons themselves are incredibly sweet without the filling. Most green tea macarons are filled with white chocolate green tea ganache; given that white chocolate is so much sweeter than any other chocolate (or most fillings in general), I'd stay away from that if you choose to recreate this recipe (down below):

Almond flour can be expensive, so buy raw almonds in bulk and add them to a blender. Grind the almonds up (takes less than 2 minutes) and sift the almond crumbs. The leftover chunks can be added to yogurts or salads while the finer crumbs can be used in this recipe!

My biggest struggle: making evenly sized macarons :P

Recipe: Green Tea Macarons

recipe & directions by Beth Le Manach: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xJ636Y8N6E8

for the green tea flavor: add about 1/4 cup of matcha powder to the egg whites before folding in the
almond flour and powdered sugar mixture --- add spoonfuls of the 1/4 cup of matcha powder at a 
time (you may add less or more depending on how green you really want the macarons to be.

for extra coloring, make your own green gel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q0dhvWA5iq4


What's great about this recipe is that you truly taste the green tea flavor in the cookie itself!
Making macarons is time consuming and tedious, but it's definitely worth it and it's fun to experiment
in the kitchen. Store-bought macarons are extremely expensive, so you'll be very pleased when you knock
this recipe down :)

xoxo, han

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