June 1, 2015

Go-To Afterschool Snack :: Dessert Power Bowl

There's a Spanish word that means "rage": el rabia 
(not to be confused with la rabia, which means "rabies").

Well, I tend to be the prime example of "rabia" when I'm hungry, and I mean "rabia" (not "hangry" because that's just not angry enough). Fortunately, today, I held that rage in. Maybe it was because I was so hungry that I didn't have the energy to be mad, but I was very distracted. The only thing on my mind was making this snack --- and luckily, this requires very few ingredients and very little time to prepare! It's full of protein, antioxidants, fiber, (peanut butter --- a necessity for this peanut butter monster --- hint hint, Sesame Street), and healthy carbs to give you an energy boost :) 

I don't always add strawberries, but they're in season (and therefore, cheap) so I couldn't resist! The wonderful thing about peanut butter is that it goes with everything, especially in any desserts --- chocolate, banana, caramel, coconut....
have I mentioned I love peanut butter?

Recipe: Dessert Power Bowl
By: Hannah Claudia

(adapted from my Peanut Butter Date "Quest Bar" recipe)

1/4 cup of walnuts (I've tried using other nuts, but I think walnuts lend the best texture)
2-3 soft, fresh dates, pitted
1/2 tsp cinnamon
(opt) 1 heaping tablespoon of peanut butter

(opt) fresh fruit


1. Pulse the walnuts in a food processor until you get fine crumbs
2. Add the cinnamon and dates; pulse until you get a crumbly mixture.
3. Add the peanut butter and pulse until well incorporated.
4. Add the crumbly mixture into a bowl and top with fresh fruit. Drizzle your desired kind of milk on top :)

Alternative: shape into a protein bar or little munchkin-sized balls. This also freezes really well (hardens to an ice-cream sandwich cookie texture!)

xoxo, han

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