June 9, 2015

Free Wanderer || Living Freely


So as I'm cleaning out my closet, I stumble across this zebra tank that I really loved when I originally bought it. I know I love this piece, but I just struggled throughout the year to find different ways to wear it, and I wasn't sure whether or not it'd be a piece that I'd want to keep. So I had this very outfit idea in mind, and while I didn't accessorize the way I wanted to (tbh, who has time at 6 in the morning?), I think I like it ;)
Before I get into the outfit details though, I have to share this video that I'm watching right now:
When I first saw this video in my feed, I was completely surprised. I've been watching Ingrid's videos for a very long time, and I had absolutely no idea that she had been struggling with living truly as herself for so long. I think that living freely, for yourself (which includes your own passions, your goals, your values, your beliefs), is something that everyone should strive to achieve. I really liked how honest and articulate she was in her video; she opened herself up to everyone and I think she's a fantastic role model for anyone, regardless of their orientation.

Whenever people ask me where I'm going to school next year, they also ask me what I want to do. Since I was young, I made a commitment to myself to be adamant about staying true to my identity. But everyone matures and grows up and changes. Identities change. I've been struggling with my own identity because I built it around my dream of becoming a veterinarian (thought I was about to say something else, right? ;]). I tried to be smart by keeping other options opened, but in my own mind, I always closed myself to this one career because I really was truly passionate about this dream. Really. But the month of May revealed a lot of things about myself to myself....in other words, I realized certain characteristics about myself and certain goals that I have that I never "realized". 

I'm not being rash right now and giving up on everything that I loved in the past, but I think that Ingrid's video really helped me realize that I can't let my own stubbornness and fear of change limit my chances to pursue new goals that I never considered in the past. I've come to the realization that science really isn't my forte or something that I want to dedicate myself to. I'm beginning to pull other interests and strengths of mine (including characteristics) that can help me formulate alternative careers that will make me motivated, happy, and inspired.

So thank you, Ingrid Nilsen, because you inspired me to live unapologetically and for myself. I don't want to confine myself to my past goals because it's not fair to...me. I don't think that you have to be gay to relate to Ingrid (cause let's be clear, I'm not); I think that anyone can learn from what she has to say.

Now....let's get into the outfit ;)

Top: Forever 21
Slit Maxi Skirt: Abercrombie & Fitch
Shoes: Old Navy

xoxo, han

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