June 23, 2015

DIY Gold Branch Jewelry Holder

there's been a lack of recipe posts lately, mostly because I've been remaking old recipes. i'll be sure to come up with a few new recipes soon, but as for now, here's another simple DIY that's perfect for college students (or anyone, really) who want an inexpensive, minimalist and functional jewelry holder.

start off with the stem of a fake flower that's been spray painted/painted gold
next, you'll need some clear string (i had a lot of this 1.5 mm clear cord on hand, so i used that! -- the thicker the sturdier)
tie the string to both ends, and you're done!
you can also hot glue fake leaves to it for some extra detail

DIY Gold Branch Jewelry Holder

stem of a fake flower, spray painted/painted gold
clear string (I used a 1.5mm clear cord)
(opt) hot glue and fake leaves


1. Tie the string to both ends of the fake flower stem
2. (opt) Glue the fake leaves onto the branch
3. Add your jewelry!

xoxo, han

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